Democracy School Assembly (A British Values School Assembly)

Democracy School Assembly (A British Values School Assembly)

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Can you think of a situation where you have voted for something?

Example answers: school council, choosing which game to play at playtime, deciding on teams, sharing tasks, making choices over classroom activities.

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How would you feel if only one person was always allowed to make the choice and your opinion was never considered?

Example answers: frustrated, unfair , powerless, confused, controlled.

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Mr Kakariki entered the room, and the class fell quiet. The children loaded up their paper thin, learning screens ready for the lesson to begin.  You couldn’t always guarantee that Mr Kakariki would actually use the computer screens,  he liked to surprise! He was the kind of teacher that you remembered, his eyes twinkled with interest and he always listened. But today it was as if Mr Kakariki had lost his mind. “Morning,” he greeted the children in his usual calm, friendly manner. He continued in the same tone, “over to you Kakaw”,  pointing at a particularly energetic child at the front of the class. “I’m not leading today, I’m taking the day easy,” laughed Mr Kakariki. With that, unbelievably, Mr Kakariki sashayed to the back of the room, pulled out a sleeping pod and put his legs up. All six of his legs!

At first Kakaw was shocked, he stood at the front of the class staring in disbelief. It wasn’t long before Kakaw began to see that this could be a brilliant turn of events. His rules, his way! A broad smile swept across his face.  He lent forward and declared, “rules for the day:  You can use screens as much as you like, but only for playing games!” Rule 2:  everyone must join in with my games to make them as fun as possible. First game, laser tag! Without more encouragement the children ran for their laser taggers and attached their light weight laser receiver vests. “You can go anywhere in the school, the only thing that you cannot do is reset your laser receivers,”  added Kakaw. The sensitive, laser receiver vests kept count of how many times a player was tagged and Kakaw’s fantastic plan was to have a whole day laser tag competition to declare the true champion of the school.

Is this a democracy?

Feet scuttled, children whispered and the building fell silent as everyone took up their positions. Kakaw rolled underneath the table and hid in the shadows close to the wall. At first it was brilliant fun. Lasers fizzed around the room and receivers buzzed as the children battled. Kakaw jumped in shock as his receiver beeped and vibrated. Slowly turning his head he spotted Skip hiding amongst the vines in the corner of the class. As soon as Skip had taken his shot, he ducked off to find a new position. Kakaw felt furious, this was his game, how could he have been tagged already! He couldn’t lose. As soon as his buzzer had stopped vibrating a laser tagger steadily appeared over the edge of the table. The bright pink laser beam shot straight towards his receiver and shattered in to a 1000 sparkling stars. Kangoo had stealthily crept unseen on to the top of the table and the whole while she had waited for the perfect shot. Kakaw stormed off to find a new place to hide.

A bright blue laser beam burst across the room, from behind the chairs a fountain of blue and yellow sparkles sprayed into the air. A player had been hit and this meant one thing, someone was scoring big points!

Kakaw panicked and rolled in to the storage cupboard. His laser armour clattered and clunked as he came to a stop. Gradually Kakaw caught his breath, and hands shaking he reached down for his laser receiver. Glancing around in the darkness he gave a quick tap to reset the glowing, green screen.  A large zero began to intermittently flash on his refreshed, screen! From amongst the shadows a red light emanated. Two all seeing glowing circles shone brightly. Skip had turned on his night vision goggles and he had seen Kakaw's creeping. He pushed his red emergency button and the game over siren echoed out around the building.

Everyone swiftly gathered in the classroom.

“He pressed his receiver,” accused Skip, reluctantly pointing at Kakaw.

“Let me check offered,” Kangoo “I know I tagged him once so there should at least be a score of one on his screen,”  she explained. The guilty, green zero flickered on Kakaw’s receiver. His eyes were lowered. Suddenly a smile crept across his face. “My game, my rules he rule, I can reset my receiver whenever I wish.” The room exploded into a rumble of  arguments, “this is not fair,” shouted Skip. Amongst the loud voices nobody had noticed that Mr Kakariki had rejoined the group, he was not tall but yet as he spoke it seemed like he filled the room. “ Excuse me, it is clear that this is not working,” began Mr Kakariki. “But you promised that you would not lead the class today and here you are taking control,” began Kakaw as politely as he could.

“That’s correct,” replied Mr Kakariki softly. “I won’t lead the class,” he patiently added. “Let’s have a vote to select a few people to represent the group. Of course Kakaw, you can be one of the representatives,” he continued. One by one the childrens’ names were called out and they voted for 4 new leaders. Skip beamed when he heard his name called. Hand after hand slowly raised up into the air and the fortunate Skip was selected. The 5 leaders gathered at the front of the class.

What is a democracy?

Example answer: A system where people vote to decide who leads the country. The government (leaders) then listen to, and consider the views of the people. Where people are given a choice over decisions. Where the ideas of others are considered. Where leaders represent the people.


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Naturally they all still wanted to continue with their laser tag game. “Great,” said Kakaw” now there are 5 of us that can reset our receivers.” Skip smiled, “you know that I won’t agree, that is not fair,” he added. Kakaw winked and shook Skip’s hand, “I know Skip, I’m just joking with you, I was wrong.,,” he admitted. “We must all agree on what is fair.” And so the 5 of them thoughtfully put together some rules to suit the whole class. The children cheered. There was a scuttle of feet, a short silence, the air filled with sparks and laser beams, and the fun began again! Of course this time it was fair!

Do you have democracy in your country?

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Why is democracy important?

Example answers: so that decisions are made fairly, so that the decisions consider the thoughts of everyone.

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