Resilience School Assembly

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Resilience School Assembly

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Many moons ago when I was far younger than I am now I lived in the land of Pau. Although on the surface a life amongst the soft blue hills and sparkling magical mists of this land might seem like a blessed life, it was in fact a very tough place to grow up. And what made matters worse was the sad truth that I was not the most resilient of creatures. You would think that as a young inventor I would’ve oozed grit and determination and believe me I wish I had. My cavern home was littered with half finished, failed contraptions. Rusty cogs, greasy engines, flashing circuit boards and monitors were crammed into every corner of my gloomy rocky room

Early one morning I woke up as the sun rose over the blue hills filling my room with a cold, pale light. The light twinkled onto the make shift glass mirrors that I had roughly strung up around the room. The mirrors were positioned at such an angle that the reflected light danced over my face and disturbed my sleep. This mirror alarm clock was one of my more successful inventions, at least on a sunny day anyway.  Jumping out of bed, I quickly gathered my things and tumbled out of the door for school. My journey was a long one. Every morning I made my way through the rolling hills. At the usual meeting point by the crystal boulders, I would find Rakiura waiting. Rakiura was my best friend in the whole of the world and this is the story of how he taught a budding inventor like me the importance of a little resilience.

What is resilience?

Example Answer: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

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Rakiura and I were always up to mischief and today we planned to get to school quick smart so that we could do a little early morning tinkering in the technology workshop before the Teachers arrived at school. We reached the workshop utterly exhausted from our commute. Lifting up the lab shutters Rakiura lead the way. “shhh quietly,” he warned  as I stumbled over a tool box. “Coast clear,” he declared tapping the light initiation button. Five rotating, hovering light spheres rose into the air and illuminated the room. They hung above our heads like miniature glowing satellites. Our eye’s adjusted to the intense light. We felt like undercover spies on a secret mission, every creak and clank sent us ducking for cover.

Our latest project was a converted buggy that we hoped to modify and use to drive to school. Using the workshop out of school hours was strictly prohibited and so any time to work on our machine was precious indeed. Without wasting a moment I released the wheel bolts and began to fit a salvaged quad bike tyre. “Do you think that these wheels will cope with the boulders on the hill side?” I asked Rakiura.

“There’s only one way to find out,” he replied.” If we can sneak in a couple more sessions over the next few weeks we might get the buggy in a state that we can test it before the snow arrives.” “Shhhh,” I whispered, breaking off from the conversation. My heart began to race as I ducked down behind the rubbery quad tyre. A familiar clip clop of shoes echoed across the courtyard.

“They’ve gone and left the lights on again,” came a screeching voice from near the workshop door. Underneath the units I could see two tiny feet pacing around. There was only one Teacher with such trotter like feet, Mr Mutton. Unfortunately for us Mr Mutton was the most strict of all of the Teachers. He had a stare that could freeze you to the spot and send your insides to jelly. I felt sick just thinking about him catching us. His beady lizard like eyes scanned the room and his tongue flicked in and out as if he could taste the air. He trotted forward and paused. Rakiura saw his chance and commando crawled towards the exit, I followed snaking across the floor as fast as I could. I clutched the light controller pad tightly as I went. Mr Mutton started to turn his bubble shaped head towards our location. There was only one choice. I tapped the control screen and plunged the room in to darkness. Mr Mutton screeched, “stop right there, I know you’re in here.” The room filled with clanks and crashes as we fumbled in the darkness for the exits and then came the bassy hiss as the lights were powered up and the spheres rose into the air. There illuminated for all of the world to see were Rakiura and I, frozen still just centimetres from the exit. “The games up,” squawked Mr Mutton, swiftly trotting over to us. “Don’t you move a muscle.”

I wished that the floor would swallow me up. I lay still daring not to move. “Up you get then,” ordered Mr Mutton abruptly. We stumbled to our feet and stood in front of the wiry frame of Mr Mutton, our heads towards the ground daring not to meet his angry stare. “So what brings you in to school before opening hours?” he inquired. We hurriedly babbled out the story of our buggy project. Mr Mutton looked remarkably unimpressed. “Well  I would enjoy the pleasure of thinking  up a particularly nasty consequence for your actions,” began Mr Mutton. “You know this is a serious breach of school rules, he squawked.” A thin smile spread across his round face. “However there is no need for my creative thinking this early in the morning,” he continued. “You see the DT workshop is set to close. There has not been one successful invention or project created since we had it fitted out. I have permission from the head teacher to close the workshop at the end of the month as long as nothing notable is created in the mean time. I will take great pleasure in reinvesting the money on the drama studio,” he smiled evilly. Our heart’s sank, this news was far worse than any petty consequence conjured up by the miserable Mutton. Mr Mutton adjusted his sleeves and glanced at his watch. “Only ten minutes before lessons begin, you best be on your way.”

How do you think the pair of friends will react?

Example Answer:Start working on a new invention, work harder, give up.

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Slowly we dragged ourselves across the courtyard. “Well that’s it,” I announced to Rakiura, “that’s the end of our buggy project.”

Rakiura glared at me. His bad mood was evident across his face. “Why must you give up so easily,” he began. I snapped back at him, “Oh come on Raki every invention we have ever started we have either lost interest in or it has failed. We have one month and then it’s game over for that workshop and our plans. We might as well just give up now.” Rakiura curled up his lips,

“Well I won’t give up,” he shouted storming off down the corridor.

I couldn’t focus on my work that day, falling out with my best friend was stuck on my mind and what was the point anyway, I always gave up with my work and why should today be any different. The day couldn’t end quick enough.

When it was time to go home I didn’t bother going to the meeting place to find Rakiura, I plodded across the courtyard into the gloomy evening. I noticed that the workshop lights were on and there in the window was Rakiura working away on the buggy. Shaking my head I turned for home.

What would you do?

Example Answer: Go and help my friend, find a away to help, I wouldn't give up.

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The next morning I awoke to the dancing pale light on my face. I felt little better. Slowly I trudged my way to school. Unsurprisingly, when I arrived at the crystal boulders Rakiura was not there.  The journey felt even longer than usual. I trudged on worrying about the closure of the workshop and about my upset friend Rakiura. Arriving at school I tried not to look at that miserable workshop but like a moth to a lamp my eye’s couldn’t resist a quick glance. Walking towards the shutters I noticed that they were slightly ajar. Peering inside I could see him, Rakiura was busying himself hammering and measuring, it was as if he had never left the workshop.

Over the next few days, every time I passed the workshop it was the same scene, Rakiura dashing around clanking and banging. He didn’t look up once.  Some days he was sat head in hands looking utterly defeated but just as I thought he would give up, he would hop to his feet and continue his work. He poured over papers of calculations to guide his tinkering, even after a long day at school he would return to his project. Sitting at home I would wonder about Rakiura, in fact whenever I stopped still, wherever I was, I felt wrapped with guilt. Rakiura would not give up on his project and yet I gave up on everything  so easily.

How could Kakapo show more resilience in this situation?

Example Answer: He could try to complete his invention in time for the deadline.

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It was still dark when I awoke the next morning, torch in hand I set off on my long hike. The rain was hammering down, a few more hours in my warm bed had never felt more inviting. I pushed on through the rain and eventually arrived at school. It was deserted and dark. Long shadows loomed across the court yard as the security light flashed on and off. School was a creepy place out of hours. The workshop window was ajar and I squeezed myself through. I powered up the light spheres and felt slightly comforted by the humming as they hovered above me. In the corner of the workshop, under a metallic grey cover, was the buggy. Without even removing the sheet I could see that the buggy was now much larger. When I inspected underneath the sheet I had not expected it to look quite so different. The chassis was now covered with metal plating and a jet black roll cage projected over the top of the drivers cock pit. Rakiura had done a wonderful job. Beneath the shimmering body work, I could now see what had been causing Rakiura’s sullen, sunken moments that I had observed over the last few days. It was the wheels, the quad bike tyres were just too large to fit underneath the chassis. In the corner of the room Rakiura’s dilemma became clearer, giant go cart wheels, plastic toy wheels, thick rubbery tyres all either too large or way too small for the vehicle. All of that hard work and yet no way of moving the buggy. This was my opportunity. Rakiura had not given up and this time neither would I.

What do you think Kakapo will do?

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I began to fire up the circular saw and carefully I started to cut a medium sized wheel shape from the left over metal. Steadily I filed the wheel to make a perfect circle. They  fit perfectly on to the vehicle. I lowered the jack so that the buggy could finally rest on the floor. For a brief moment it sat there beautifully, just as planned, then there was a creak and a crack the wheels began to buckle under the weight of the buggy and with a crash it collapsed to the floor. I slumped on my elbows at the desk top, all of that work ruined.

Have you ever felt like this?

If so when?

Example Answer: When a piece of art work has gone wrong, when you receive a disappointing test score, when you keep making spelling mistakes, when you have lots of corrections on a piece of work, when you miss a goal in a PE game.

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As I sat there, I stared out of the window into the dark, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the glass. The scene was a familiar one, except when I saw it last it had been Rakiura slumped figure sitting at the desk and he had not given in, he had got back up and worked to solve his problem. Lifting my head a little higher I noticed how bright the hovering workshop lights were reflecting in the glass. The spherical light bulbs hovered above my head, they were literally my eureka moment. The idea was brilliant!

What do you think his brilliant idea will be?

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I dashed to the storage cupboard and frantically fumbled through all of the boxes and packaging. There in the bottom corner, I found what I was looking for. Carefully I carried the heavy box back to the workshop table. I brushed the shattered buggy wheels to the side and began to use the electric jack to lift the buggy chassis. The body work itself was a little scratched but other than that it had survived the fall remarkably well. I returned to the box on the work top and tore open the packaging. From the box I lifted the huge, spherical work shop lights. One by one I lined up the lights under the wheel arches of the buggy until all four of them sat perfectly positioned. On the work surface next to me was the controller. I tried to remain calm as I sat quietly reprogramming the electronics. I bit down on my lip and pressed the activate button. A deep whirring filled the air, the lights burst on chasing away the darkness from every corner of the room. The hum rose in pitch as the spheres began to shake and slowly they lifted the buggy into the air. Unbelievably the vehicle sat there floating before me, perfectly suspended head and shoulders above the workshop floor. My body filled with excitement. Our vehicle could hover!

I worked quickly to link the steering to my new hover system;  I knew Rakiura would arrive soon to begin his morning’s work. Dashing to the corner of the workshop I crawled beneath an old dust sheet, I powered down the lights and waited. Before long the familiar tip tap of Rakiura’s weary footsteps echoed across the court yard , the lights powered up again and there was a thud as he rested his backpack on the workshop table. I peered out from beneath the sheet as Rakiura rushed around setting out his tools. As he approached the covered vehicle I pushed the activate button to start the new hover system. The sheet rose into the air. Rakiura gasped and I burst out from  the corner of the room to meet his beaming face. “Unbelievable!” he choked, “did you do this?” I smiled back at him. “ I certainly did.”

“This will handle the hilly terrain alright,” he chuckled. “Wow!” He help out his palm and shook my hand. I could see what this meant to him.

And so a little resilience had paid off. Of course once Mr Mutton saw our creation, there was no way he could close the workshop. The greatest invention our school had ever seen and all it took was a little inspiration from a friend and most importantly a good dose of grit and determination!

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