Working Together School Assembly

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Can you give an example of when you have worked as a member of a team?

Example Answer: Playing on a netball team, playing on a football team, group tasks during lessons, when playing games at playtime.

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What are some of the advantages of working as a member of a team?

Example Answer: It can be fun, you can share skills, you can share workload.

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The atmosphere was frenetic, everyone dashed around collecting up their things. The ancient sphere palace at the edge of the jungle had started to glow once more. Engulfed by the trees the palace remained hidden except for once a year when the summer moon was at its largest. The old gears of the sphere palace would slowly start to creek and grind. From great cracks in the ancient rusty surface the strange golden light would escape and like moths to a lamp the locals would come. They would come in search of treasure for the legend said that when the golden lights glowed the palace treasures would be revealed.

“Mumbo  jumbo,” barked Tiki. “Come on let’s not rush,” she protested as Wecka scrambled around packing. The beautiful golden light cast long shadows across the land. Wecka’s face glowed as he excitedly explained to Tiki,  “This could be our only chance, sooner or later someone will make it to the centre of the sphere palace and our shot at the treasure will be lost.”

“It’s just a silly ancient maze,” remarked Tiki. “One massive joke from our ancestors, they would be rolling around laughing if they knew that every year we all rushed into their rust bucket of a palace and dashed around the metal maze looking for treasures. There’s no treasure!”

“There has to be and we’re going to find it,” declared Wecka. Hurriedly, the pair set off along the dusty track. Up ahead a snake of tiny figures made their way back from the sphere palace along the steep hill side, it moved slowly  and as the weary faces came into view Wecka  tried to ignore the exhausted, disappointed expressions. “Why would we find the treasure when they cannot?” questioned an irritated Tiki.

“Ok, if in 3 hours time we are walking back down this hill, miserable as can be, then you can complain,” replied Wecka patiently. “For now let’s just enjoy the adventure,” he added. Tiki agreed not to grumble so much, and the pair steadily made their way through the rubbery green leaves of the jungle. “Hey guys,” called a cheerful voice. High up in the branches amongst the foliage Ketcha’s happy face beamed down at them. “Look at all of these shmaw berries,” he shouted. A rain of beautiful juicy berries showered to the ground as Ketcha shook a laden branch. Wecka and Tiki smiled with delight and tried to catch as many as they could. “They’re delicious,” declared Tiki. A berry fell straight into her open mouth, and she chewed the juicy jelly like centre. “It’s a pity,” said Ketcha, “by tomorrow the birds will have eaten all of these. If I’d have known that there were so many up here, then I would have brought a bag to carry some home.” Tiki looked at Wecka and his bulging backpack. “Well I suppose we could give you some space in our packs,” she offered. Ketcha was an incredible climber and needing no more encouragement, he was swinging across the canopy shaking the berries to the floor, the tantalising purple fruits peppered the dusty ground. Tiki and Wecka dashed to collect up as many as they could carry. Elegantly Ketcha climbed down the tree, it was amazing how he gripped the smooth bark like a squirrel. “Thanks guys,” smiled Ketcha as he gathered his breath.” Let me guess,” he puffed, “you're off to the sphere palace?” “Yes, we are” ,replied Tiki in a less than enthusiastic tone. “I tell you what, in return for helping me carry all of the berries, I’ll come and help you. It’s the least I can do. It will be an adventure.”

“ Oh yes it will,” smiled Wecka giving Tiki a cheeky nudge.

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And so the three adventurers continued to trudge uphill amongst the towering trees and curtains of vines. The golden glow made the jungle feel even more magical than usual. Butterflies danced below the canopy, their wings glistening in the light. Every so often the beautiful insects would scatter disturbed by another weary adventurer trudging past on their way back from the palace. As the dense forest began to thin the golden glow intensified. The sphere palace appeared to be getting brighter. Silhouetted against the light they could see figure after figure flailing and flapping as they flew from the pipes that dangled from the sphere palace. The pipes slowly writhed in the air like the tentacles of a gigantic jellyfish. “Once the maze has defeated you the only way out is through those pipes,” smiled Wecka.

“Why are you smiling?” questioned Tiki, “it looks terrifying.”

“ It look s amazing,” argued Wecka, “imagine the highest water slide you’ve ever seen and then double what you picture. Sure the water at the end will be a little cold, but we’ll soon warm up in this heat,” he added.

“Looks good to me,” mumbled Ketcha cramming a handful of juicy berries into his mouth.

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Down below the grumbles and groans of the crowds of adventurers cut through the trio’s conversation. The crowd pushed and bleated like a herd of hungry animals. Suddenly a dripping hand appeared from the cliff edge. Clambering over the tussocky cliff came a very soggy and out of breath Mishcka. “Fancy meeting you guys here,” she puffed.”

“Let me guess,”  inquired Ketcha. “You’ve been in the sphere palace after the treasure.”

“ Let ME guess,” said Tiki mimicking Ketcha with a sarcastic smile, “you didn’t find any treasure.”

“To be honest I couldn’t get out of there quick enough, so much pushing and shouting and shoving. It was enough to drive anyone mad.” Wecka took Mishcka’s hand and helped her to her feet. “Why don’t you come and give it another go with us? If we all work together, there won’t be any pushing and shoving or arguing.” Even Tiki agreed that it sounded like a good idea.

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“Why not” declared Mishcka in a more cheerful voice. And so the foursome set off down towards the towering, glowing sphere palace.

How do the group of friends seem different to the other adventurers?

Example: They seem calmer, they work together, they listen to each other.

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The cogs let out a loud rumble and the maze began to change shape again. The walls vibrated and a cloud of rust filled the air. The cracks expanded and contracted and the intense glowing light forced the foursome to cover their eyes. When the light faded and their eyes reopened the maze had changed once more. “Well there is no need for the map then,” declared Wecka stuffing the crinkled, faded papers into his pocket.” The group wondered in amongst the shadows of the towering walls, they looked truly tiny up against the massive construction. The maze was cold and strangely quiet inside. The complaining crowd now seemed far away. As the group rounded the corner they were met by a shear wall that appeared to stretch on forever. “Well that’s it,” sighed Tiki. “I did say that this was a bad idea,” she reminded everyone.

“I’m not giving up that easily,” chirped Wecka. “Ketcha you’re the best climber in the village, you can make it up there.  Mishcka I know you are good at rope work, can you make sure that he is safe while he climbs?” Mishcka pulled a coil of rope from her pack and tied the eager Ketcha in so that she was secure. Needing no more encouragement Ketcha began to scale the seemingly impossible wall. He swung from hand hold to hand hold with ease like a monkey swinging through the jungle. Wecka called up with encouragement from below. Before long Ketcha had scaled the gigantic wall, he beamed down at the trio. “There is a lever here,” he called. As he pulled the ornate,  stone lever there was a loud crunch and a rumble. The wall began to vibrate and with a grinding and groan it slowly descend down towards the trio like an ancient rocky elevator.

“Woohoo!” Called Wecka in excitement. With everyone happily on the platform, Ketcha pulled hard on the stoney lever once again and they began to rise up into the unknown reaches of the maze. Ketcha was still some what out of breath after his epic climb, he crouched gasping for air. Tiki reached into her pack and handed Ketcha a handful of the refreshing smaw berries. “Here, these will give you some energy,” she smiled. After chewing the delicious berries Ketcha felt revitalised and ready to continue. The high walls of the maze concentrated the glowing light and everyone squinted to see as they moved further into the depths of the palace. Tiki pulled on her sun goggles. “Hand me the rope,” asked Tiki. Mischka felt around in her pack for the rope and as she stretched her hand out into the blinding light she felt Tiki’s firm grip. Tiki quickly tied everyone on to the safety rope and carefully, using her sun goggles to help her to see the way forward, she led the group deeper in to the maze. Although the rest of the group could no longer see, they still chatted amongst themselves and trusted Tiki’s lead. “It’s ok,” announced Tiki. “Open your eyes, the glowing is not as bright here.” The towering walls had begun to block out the intense light and a glow much like that of a fine summers evening filled the maze. Everything looked beautiful in the warm golden light. The maze opened up and through a gap in the wall, they could see out across the land. The warm light bathed everything as far as the horizon.

How have the group worked well as a team?

Wecka leading the group, Ketcha climbing, Mishcka looking after the safety rope, Tiki leading the group when they could not see.

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Adjacent to the gap in the wall were a series of strange carvings. Wecka strained to see them, the rock had become warn and weathered making it difficult to read what had once been written. “One second”, said Mishacka  reaching inside her pocket. She pulled out a hand full of smaw berries and as the others looked on in confusion, she smothered the berries across the wall, bursting their juices over the dry stoney surface. The crimson juice of the berries ran across the wall and dripped inside the crevices of the carvings. As the vivid, red juice collected in the warn cracks the message became clear. Wecka smiled at Mishcka. It was a riddle! It read: to reveal what the sphere palace hides you need what many have forgotten. You need to work. You need a type of work that involves no I and no one. The group looked at each other in confusion.

Can you solve the riddle?

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“We’ve come this far we can’t give up,” announced Tiki. Ketcha shovelled a handful of berries into his mouth, “I’ve not got a clue what it means,” he said in a muffled voice. Wecka laughed. “Come on guys, we have had the answer to this one all along. A type of work with no I in it. It is the type of work that we are best at. There is no I in team work and no one in team work. There has to be a group for a team,” he explained. “Like us!” Smiled Tiki.

The maze began to rumble, the gears started to turn, there was an ancient creaking noise. Slowly the earth swallowed the walls of the maze as they retracted downwards into the ground. The group were left high above the remains of the palace and there in the middle of the plateaux was the source of the glowing light...

What do you think is the source of the glowing light?

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... a towering pile of glittering, golden treasure!

Wecka looked at the glistening smiling eyes of his friends around him. He felt filled with pride and warmth.“Sometimes good team work really pays off,” beamed Wecka.

Click here to download the accompanying Powerpoint  Working Together School Assembly


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