Individual Liberty School Assembly (A British Values School Assembly)


Individual Liberty School Assembly (A British Values School Assembly)

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What is individual liberty? Example answers: The right to be free and to enjoy rights and privileges.


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Can you give an example of how you feel free? Example answers: Able to read what books you like, able to make friends and play with whoever you choose, able to go to the after school clubs that interest you.

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Oron had trained for this day for years. It was early in his life when he chose to follow in his Grand Father’s footsteps and become a trench diver. Grand Father’s stories of the mysterious ocean trenches had always fascinated him. He was inspired when it came to the time to choose his subjects at school and he selected everything that could help him with his career as a diver. Stood at the bottom of Mount Storm he contemplated the long journey that had brought him here. His navigation lessons would surely pay off if the mountain mist drew in, the hours in the lab studying life below the ocean would keep him safe and the relentless physical training would give him the stamina that he needed to reach his goal.

In what way has Oron enjoyed individual liberty? Example answers: Oron was able to choose a subject to study and a job that he would like to do.

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At the bottom of the trench lay his quarry, Muggle Fuggers! Muggle Fuggers were the most precious of creatures to Oron and his people. The strange coral like beasts were not much to look at, like miniature volcanic rocks the dull porous structures clung to the sea bed in the deepest corners of the ocean. Within the rocky exterior of these creatures was a force powerful enough to heat the whole of Oron’s village. The core of the Muggle Fugger glowed like the heart of a volcano and for centuries Oron’s town had collected the beasts. Trapped within huge aquariums the heat from the Muggle Fugger was harvested and pumped to supply the town with hot water. When Oron was young his Mother would always remind him to be thankful to the creatures for one day the miraculous Muggle Fugger heating system would run out. That day had come and plunged into the cold the town had selected the very best divers to take on the perilous journey down to the bottom of the ocean trench. Oron felt full of pride but it was no random chance that he was standing, waiting prepared for his challenge.

Morning light was breaking as the team reached the summit of the mountain, it was only from this height that they could be sure enough to gather enough speed to reach the bottom of the ocean trench. A final check of the oxygen gauge, the clicking of safety clasps and with one leap of faith the rush of cold air across Oron’s face. He plummeted from the shear mountain, keeping his body as straight as an arrow he cut through the air. The freedom was out of this world. As soon as he saw a cloud below him the cold feeling of its vapour was chilling his cheeks as he cut through it. He felt more alive than ever before. Birds appeared like blurs as he careered towards the water like a human missile. Oron clenched his stomach tight and used all of his energy to ensure that he was perfectly positioned for entry into the ocean. The glistening water came into view. Like a diving sea bird he penetrated the surface, bubbles effervesced around him as he cut through the water at speed. The ocean was a beautiful turquoise. Oron could make out shadows and shapes in the blue below. Suddenly he questioned their calculations. What if they had picked the wrong spot? What if those shadows were rocks! He would never be able to stop himself at such a speed. As soon as Oron felt that he was upon the shadows the ocean opened up beneath him, the turquoise turned to a deep green and he breathed out a sigh of relief. His diving suit had absorbed the impact of the ocean entry, and with momentum slowing he relaxed a little. The dark canyon of the ocean trench gradually engulfed him. Oron twisted and turned to keep his path away from the sheer rocks that now projected either side of his flanks. Through the murk all manner of strange sea life came into view. Ferocious looking fish with bogged eyes and distorted fearsome teeth. Glowing squid like beasts with tusks that revolved like a drill slowly boring a hole through the water. Oron tapped his oxygen gauge, it was running low. He must be near the trench bottom. Suddenly a trench shark darted out from amongst the rocks. It snapped with its needle like teeth. Swiftly, Oron reached for his ink pouch and with a firm squeeze he popped it. The water filled with a cloud of purple putrid ink. The sensitive shark’s nose took one sniff and turned away swimming off into the depths. The ink cloud began to clear and through the fading purple wisps gradually appeared a sight that warmed Oran’s heart. Like a city of volcanic skyscrapers below, the Muggle Fuggers came into sight. Instead of windows these structures glowed red inside their cracked surface showing their molten centres. As Oron loomed nearer, suddenly the cracks snapped shut releasing jets of bubbles into the ocean. The sulphuric bubbles collected and popped on his mask. Even through the breathing equipment Oron could feel the heat from the Muggle Fuggers. Carefully he unsheathed his chisel and began to chip away at where the Muggle Fuggers were rooted to the bedrock below. He felt a burning sensation in his hand, looking at where he was gripping the Muggle Fugger he could see that the cracked surface had reopened. The molten insides glowed brighter than he had ever imagined. From within the glowing depths of the Muggle Fugger came a voice. Nobody had ever mentioned that Muggle Fuggers could talk!

How would you feel if you were a Muggle Fugger? Example answers: like my freedom was being taken away, angry, cheated, controlled.

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At first Oron could not believe it, he froze. The voice came again. “Let me go you brute,” ordered the disgruntled Muggle Fugger. “I know what you’re here for...” continued the creature “...taking us away to heat your home,You should be ashamed! We don’t want to live up there. How would you like it if we came up to the surface and then dragged you back down into the ocean to live? We have a right to make our own choices!” Unwittingly the Muggle Fugger had hit a nerve. Oron had always felt thankful for the choices that he was able to make in his life. He had felt honoured and free when he first chose to become a trench diver. He had loved his time managing his studies and enjoying the freedom of his time after school. All of this was part of his individual liberty to be free, to make his own choices. And now here he was about to take that liberty away from this being. Oron paused and reflected on his journey. Gently he put his chisel back into the sheath. He carefully released the Muggle Fugger and began to back away. “Wait,” shouted the Muggle Fugger, “we can come to a compromise.” The Muggle Fugger’s eyes opened wide, his burning red pupils stared hard at Oron. Slowly, thoughtfully the Muggle Fugger explained his plan. “This is my only offer... you go back to the surface and get a pipe, the longest pipe that your people can build. Attach a hefty weight to that pipe and drop it down the trench to me. When you require heat you will send payment down the pipe.”

“Payment? “ questioned an intrigued Oron.

“You heard me correctly,” continued the Muggle Fugger in a serious tone. “I will accept food as payment. Something juicy that we cannot get down in these depths, your finest fruits perhaps. In return I will climb into the pipe and send you some heat.” The Muggle Fugger’s eyes burst into flame, his ashen exterior began to crack and he started to glow like a fallen, molten, meteorite. The heat was unbearable, Oron’s skin felt like it would scorch. Not a moment too soon calmly the Muggle Fugger closed his eyes and the glow began to fade. Oron had never felt heat like it. He knew that this plan would work. He knew that the heat would be enough to rise through the pipe to his village. Oron beamed with excitement. “Deal,” he announced with glee.

Do you think that this is now fair?

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And so the Muggle Fuggers were left free, their individual liberty to make their own choices was respected and never again were they taken from their homes. And as for Oran’s village, it radiated with heat from the new heating pipe system and all it cost was an occasional fruit or two!

Can you remember what individual liberty is? Can you give an example of individual liberty? Example answers: The right to be free and to enjoy rights and privileges.

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