Mutual Respect (A British Values School Assembly)

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Mutual Respect School Assembly (A British Values School Assembly)

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What is respect? Example answers: Being polite, following rules, thinking of the feelings of others, minding your manners.

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Can you give an example of being respectful? Example answers: Being quiet in a place of worship, looking after school equipment, being polite to others.

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“Yuck, disgusting!” declared Cupcup spitting the sugary jelly into the bin. The class looked on in disbelief. Squak spotted Kanado’s smiling face falter a little. Kanado had been so excited to share her holiday treats with the rest of the class. Everyone fell silent as she began to tell the class about her trip. Squak smiled and listened with interest. Cupcup did not. He leant his scruffy head on the desk, and pulled out his lazer cutter. Carefully he began to lazer cut his initials into the smooth work surface in front. Sadly this kind of behaviour was not unusual for Cupcup. He was the most disrespectful creature you could ever imagine. “Stop that,” whispered Tiki gently nudging Cucup on the arm. “I have to use that desk next lesson and you’re making it all bumpy with your engraving,” he continued. Through the smoke and wood dust Cucup glared, and without responding he shoved his lazer cutter back into his pocket. He waved his clawed hand in the air. “I’m so sorry Kanado,” interjected Mrs Okanga “I just need to pause your talk there for a second.” Mrs Okanga turned her attention towards the scruffy waving figure in front of her. “Yes, Cucup,” she began...

“How long is this talk going to go on for?” inquired Cupcup in an urgent voice. Kanado looked on patiently. Mrs Okanga rolled her eyes and asked Cupcup to think about the feelings of others before disturbing a talk in such a manner. Cupcup grumbled. Tiki quietly raised his hand. “Sorry to disturb the talk, can I be excused for my electric flute lesson,” he politely asked. Mrs Okanga gave an authoritative nod and Tiki quietly slipped out of the room.

How has Cucup been disrespectful? Example answers: Vandalising the desk, not listening to Kanado’s talk, being impolite.

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Suddenly the door buzzer rang out around the classroom. “One more second,” said Mrs Okanga politely smiling at Kanadoo and pressing the flashing door release touch screen. The door opening mechanism let out a low hiss and the metallic screens slid apart. Standing in the bright white light of the corridor was an unfamiliar hooded figure. Two yellow eyes shone out from the creature’s shadowy face. “Ah you must be Popple,” welcomed Mrs Okanga. The figure nodded and took a small step forward. “This is Popple, he will be joining our class for a while,” announced Mrs Okanga to the group. “Take a seat,” continued Mrs Okanga gesturing towards the corner of the room. Popple shimmied past Tiki’s empty seat and took his place in the corner of the room. Cupcup glared at Popple. Popple’s bright yellow eyes glared back.

After what seemed like an eternity to Cupcup the break bell rang out. As usual the room emptied swiftly and everyone gathered on the roof top playground for play time. The roof top was a magical place. Surrounded by a meadow of flowers stood the jungle gym. This was literally a jungle. Huge tangled trees and vines shrouded the many monkey bars, ropes, nets and slides that created the most incredible adventure playground. Cucup speedily swang from rope to rope in an effort to reach his favourite spot before anyone else could get there. He gripped the zip wire tightly as he descended across the crystal clear waters that separated the two halves of the playground. Mid flight he released the zip wire handle and plunged down towards the shimmering river. He landed at pace on the rubbery purple lily pads that peppered the surface of the river. Bending his legs to absorb the impact, he sprung up to his beloved tree top tunnel. Gripping the entrance with his clawed hands he pulled himself inside. Two shining yellow eyes met his gaze.

Who is in the tunnel, what do you think will happen? Example answers: Popple.

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Cross legged sitting in the middle of the hollowed tree trunk tunnel was Popple. “ You snooze, you lose,” chuckled Popple revealing a gleaming white grin of sharp tusks from within the shadows of his hood. Cupcup shook with frustration, “I know that you’re new to school so I guess you wouldn’t know, but this is my play time spot,” announced Cucup. The tunnel echoed as Cucup tapped the thick wooded walls. “I guess you wouldn’t know but I don’t care,” retorted Popple meeting Cupcup’s gaze. Cucup couldn’t believe it, how rude! Nobody had ever spoken to him like that before. Popple slowly reached into his pocket and produced his lazer cutter. “We keep those in the classroom,” growled Cucup in an unimpressed voice. Popple started the hot pink cutting lazer and began to engrave on the wall of the tunnel. From within the glowing pink smoke emerged the letters Pop... “Stop,” shouted Cucup frantically. “You’re ruining the tunnel, what about everyone else who uses the play equipment? They don’t want to see your doodles on the wall.” Popple’s glowing eyes glared out from the shadows as he continued to engrave. Cucup couldn’t stand to watch, he charged off out into the playground.

Cucup grumbled and moaned, shouted and stomped and stormed up to Squak. Where’s Tiki?” he snapped. “I don’t know,” replied Squak politely, “he hasn’t returned from his electro-flute lesson yet.”

“Where’s a School Councillor when you need one,” moaned Cucup kicking up a cloud of dirt and charging off amongst the trees. Sadly Squak didn’t blink an eye lid at this rudeness, he was very used to Cupcup and his thoughtless behaviour.

When Cucup arrived at the music studio the room was cold and it was dark, it felt very empty. Furiously running Cucup set off to the roof top. As he entered the stair well he could smell an impossibly sweet fruity scentl. There lounged Popple hiding on the very top step, a pile of colourful sticky sweet wrappers lay beneath his feet. Popple slapped his chops as he popped a bright blue chew into his mouth. “Pick up your mess,” shouted Cucup peeling one of the sticky wrappers from the sole of his shoe. Popple did not reply, he continued to smack his chops as he devoured a particularly tasty star chew. Cupcup slammed the door and quickened his search for Tiki.

Why do you think Popple and Cupcup come into conflict so often? Example answers: They have similar personalities, they’re both confrontational, they’re both disrespectful.

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Finally he found a lead. “Tiki was here a couple of minutes ago,” declared Kiraroo eagerly. “He went that way,” he continued, pointing towards the stair well. Cupcup’s head whipped around and he stormed off back down the empty stairs kicking the sticky wrappers to the side as he went.

As he reached the bottom step a rather flustered looking Tiki appeared. “I’ve been searching every where for you,” snapped Cupcup. Tiki raised his head and stood up straight.

“How can I help,” smiled Tiki. Cupcup shook with anger, “it’s Popple, he has no respect, he is vandalising our play area and going around school without any care for anyone else. Tiki tried not to smile, it was very rich all of this coming from Cucup, who had shown little respect for anyone or indeed anything during his time at school. Tiki paused and then carefully choosing his words he began... “ I agree, it does not sound as though Popple is being very respectful towards our school rules and towards you. You must feel really frustrated.”

At last someone to agree with, a slight smile crept in from the corner of Cupcup’s lips

“While we are on the topic, “continued Tiki. Cupcup’s smile faded as quickly as it had arrived. “Do you think you sometimes might make others feel like you don’t respect them, for example when you talked over Kanado’s presentation earlier today?” Cupcup frowned and glared at Tiki. His face relaxed again and for a second it softened a little. “I do know how I must make others feel sometimes. I have felt so frustrated today with Popple, I don’t want to make others feel like that, I am going to try to be a little more respectful from now onwards,” he declared.

“That sounds like a good idea,” agreed Tiki. “Now about that Popple, I will go and have a quick chat with him,” offered Tiki. And so the pair headed off towards the exit. As they pulled the door shut a strange black garment fell from the coat hook... a strange hooded garment...

Two round glowing yellow flash lights attached to a pair of glasses rolled out from the pocket of the cloak and a sweet wrapper danced across the floor and lay to rest in the draft of the closed door. Cucup did not look back as he paced forward eager to bring Popple to justice. Tiki glanced over his shoulder, smiled and tucked two gleaming white tusks deep into his jacket pocket.


Why do you think Tiki had white tusks in his pocket? Example answers: He dressed up as a disrespectful character (Popple) to teach Cucup a lesson.

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Download the accompanying assembly Powerpoint

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