Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the evolve button not work?

Make sure that you are clicking the evolve button in the Powerpoint presentation. All story buttons only work in the Powerpoint presentation (not when clicked on the assembly script). Make sure that you have clicked the “slide show button” to play the presentation.


Why does the School Assemblease story button not work?

Please see above answer.


Where is the assembly script?

Scroll down past the link to download the Powerpoint presentation and you will find the assembly story that goes with the aforementioned Powerpoint presentation.


What ages are the stories appropriate for?

The assemblies are aimed at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children (children from 4 to 12 years old).


Can I advertise on this site?

We do offer advertising packages. Please contact for details.


How do I get started with an assembly?

1. Select a topic from the “topics menu.”

2. Download the assembly Powerpoint.

3. Print the assembly script.

4. Follow the script and read the story, click the appropriate button on the Powerpoint presentation when prompted. Questions to ask the children are written in blue (example answers are written in pink). Easy as pie! Click here for more details.


Can I request a topic?

We are always looking to provide topics that meet the needs of Teachers and children. Email with any suggestions.


What is School Assemblease?

School Assemblease is a website that provides assembly scripts and accompanying Powerpoints for busy Teachers. We aim to provide high quality assemblies that meet the curriculum and engage children. We make a difference to school assembly routines.


Are the topics curriculum linked?

Yes. All topics are selected to meet The National Curriculum. Click here for more details.


Is the site aimed at a particular religious group?

No. All topics are selected to meet the National Curriculum and to meet the need of Teachers. Topics focus on human values and fostering a sense of community. Many of the values are common with a variety of different religions.


Would the stories still be appropriate for a religious assembly?

Yes. See above for details.


Who manages the site?

The site is created and maintained by a practicing UK Primary School Teacher.


How is the site sponsored?

The site is self funded. If you wish to sponsor or donate please contact:


Why are the names in the stories so strange?

Many of the characters names are based on words from other cultures (sometimes the spellings of the names are altered to read phonetically in effort to help the children to read). Children benefit from practise using phonics to decode words that they are not used to reading (e.g. uncommon words from different cultures and countries).


How are the stories written?

Each story is written demonstrating writing techniques that the children are taught in English lessons. For example in a School Assemblease story you will find lots of sentences starting with prepositions or adverbs. Another common example of writing technique present in many of the stories is the use of “the power of 3” for effect. It is hoped that the assemblies reinforce writing technique at the same time as teaching about the particular topic.


Can I use the stories in other lessons?

Yes most certainly! The stories have a wide application across the curriculum (see above answer).