How School Assemblease Works

How School Assemblease Works

1. Visit the Topics Page and select an assembly.

2. Open the Powerpoint at the top of your script and in the Powerpoint click the symbol to start the presentation.

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3. Print your script.

4. Read the story script to the children and when you are prompted on the script, click the evolve symbol or the school assemblease logo in your Powerpoint.

5. Enjoy the stories.

For those who like details:

Blue writing, in the assembly scripts indicates questions to ask the children.

Pink writing, in the assembly scripts indicates possible answers to help you to prompt the children.

Purple writing,  in response to The New Curriculum. Each assembly will include one grammar question written in purple (new for 2016).

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Each assembly can be delivered in approximately 20mins. Vary the length of question and answer sessions to suit your needs.

You should reward the children by evolving their creature if they make a good attempt at answering a question. You do not have to evolve the creature if you are not given an adequate answer- the choice is yours!

Get started now and select a topic.

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