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School Assemblease games are perfect for encouraging a little audience participation.

Ever wondered what to do with that last few minutes of your assembly?

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Difference (Spot the difference game). Click here- Spot The Difference Game This game links perfectly with an assembly about difference. Look at the pictures carefully and find the differences.

Match the quote game. Click here- Match The Quote The perfect game to explore the wise words of inspirational figures.

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Sequences and patterns. Click here- Sequences Game A little bit of brain training in this concentration game. Excellent for bringing focus to your assembly.

Opposites word game. Click here- Opposites Game A cross curricular game looking at word meanings. Perfect for changing the topic after a serious assembly discussion.

Feelings word game. Click here- Feelings Game The perfect game to accompany an assembly about feelings.

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Democracy game. Click here- Democracy Game An interesting quiz about democracy and associated terms. This one links well with History learning. 

British Values Game Click here- British Values Game An excellent game to evaluate pupils' understanding of British Values.

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